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Making sure that your pet receives the proper vaccinations is vital to maintaining their good health. Vaccinations help prevent unwanted diseases and parasites from nestling into your pet’s internal system which if not taken care of, can cause much pain to your pet along with costly surgery bills on your part. For these reasons, it is important that you engage in pet vaccinations with a trusted veterinarian.

When you come to South Point Animal Clinic, we ensure that your pet obtains all the proper vaccinations he or she needs in order to maintain good health. From deworming vaccines, rabies, lyme disease, and other necessary booster shots, we will effectively provide these vaccines for your pet. We will even send you a notice on when their next booster shots are required, this way, we can provide assistance by helping you to consistently keep track of your pet’s care.

In addition to vaccinations, our pet care services extend to providing your furry friend with attentive dental care and checkups. Like humans, animals need their teeth and gums brushed and cleaned to prevent tartar buildups and gum disease. Neglecting to do so could potentially cause mouth cancer that will lead to the loss of teeth, or it can spread throughout the rest of their body. Since your pets cannot brush their own teeth, it is important that you don’t neglect their dental health and make sure they receive consistent checkups to make sure they are a-ok.

Contact us today in Tempe, AZ for outstanding and affordable pet vaccinations. South Point Animal Clinic offers both cat vaccinations and dog vaccinations.