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COVID-19 Protocols and Procedures

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being valued clients of South Point Animal Clinic. As the health and well-being of your pet is of utmost importance to us, we are still open and seeing patients and plan to continue to do so until mandated otherwise. With respect to this new health risk, we would like to offer the following:

1. We have established a new appointment procedure that requires clients to wait with their pet in their car. When you arrive for your appointment or to pick up a prescription or food, you will need to call our main number at 480-839-5960 and let us know you have arrived. This will allow us to abide by current social distancing practices. Once we know you are here, a technician or receptionist will be calling you. Pets will be brought into an exam room by your technician, and the Doctor will perform the exam. Please do not leave the premises while your pet is being examined. When the Doctor is finished or needs to speak with you, they will be calling you. Please have your phone ready to accept the call from the Doctor. The technician will bring your pet back to the vehicle. We will be taking payments over the phone for all transactions. We will bring the invoice out to your vehicle. Please have payment ready at the time of your appointment or order.

2. If you are picking up medication or food, please call us from your car and pre-pay over the phone and we will bring them out to you.

3. We would like to ensure you that we are constantly gathering information as it pertains to both human and animal risk. Currently there has been no identifiable disease process in dogs or cats relating to the human infection with COVID-19. There has also been no indication of pet animals being able to harbor or spread the virus to humans.

4. As a medical facility, we are familiar with dealing with contagious diseases for our patients on a daily basis. As such we have sanitation procedures already in force that we use on a continuing basis to ensure the health of your pets.

5. Continue to practice personal sanitation techniques such as frequent hand washing, sneezing and coughing practices as set forth by the CDC, and requiring all staff that are showing signs of illness to remain at home until such a time as the symptoms have subsided and a medical professional has deemed return to work is acceptable without being contagious.

6. For the safety of our staff and clientele, we ask that anyone who is feeling ill, or has any potential known exposure to COVID-19 to notify us immediately via telephone. We will set up a telephone (or video appointment if needed) to provide necessary aid for your pet.

We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time as we may need to adjust these protocols based on experience and need. As more information is becoming available, seemingly on an hourly basis, we will continue to keep you updated as things change.

We would like to thank you for putting your trust in South Point Animal Clinic.

In Health,

South Point Animal Clinic